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At Global Career Networks, we know that you strive to be a valued employee
who is making significant contributions. But to do that, you need to find a job
you love. The problem is that it’s becoming more challenging to stand out from
other applicants, and that can be really stressful. It shouldn’t be that way.

We believe you deserve a job you love, and we understand how frustrating it
can feel when you don’t hear back from potential employers. That’s why we
offer free career resources, intelligent tools using AI technology, and access to
a network of over 175 job boards to give you a competitive advantage.

We start by instantly matching you to the best fitting job opportunities. Then
we’ll help optimize your resume, get pre-screened, and move past automated
filters so that you can stand out from all other applicants.

Here’s the process:
1. Upload – Upload your resume for free
2. Optimize – Use intelligent AI tools to improve your resume and get
pre-screened to get jump ahead in line
3. Distribute – Send out your resume instantly to over 175 job boards
4. Hired – Land a job you love

So, upload your resume now for free. It’s time to stop feeling stuck in your job
search and finally land a job you love.

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We analyzed thousands of high-quality resumes and cover letters to gather insights on what makes them noticed by employers around the world. Get an immediate analysis of your resume and cover letter.

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Resume Certified?

Streamlining and revolutionizing application and hiring processes by ensuring the authenticity of the information in a resume is convenient with the Resume Certified’s BREES™ System. The founding members of Global career networks, with over one hundred years of combined experience in these fields, ensures that the quality of resumes by excluding every detail that might contain false, misleading, or inaccurate information about the job seeker. Stats show that in 96% of the instances, Resume Certified are notable for being able to obtain a scheduled interview for a candidate by the hiring managers with a pre-screened resume containing the BREES™ icon.

Resume Sending


How does it work?

The process of sending a resume for the certification process with us includes three simple steps:

Job Alerts


A convenient way of finding jobs!

JobAlerts.co streamlines the whole employment process by enabling employees to find jobs that would interest them. Finding jobs on JobAlerts.co is as convenient as selecting an industry sector and entering the location of the job seeker to receive instant and relevant job listings on the site. As an entirely free service, it empowers job seekers to click as many job listings as they would to find a job that is right for them.


“I received some amazing job offers and had a job within 6 weeks of posting my resume which was really amazing.”

Jessica Smith


“I cannot recommend Resume Sending highly enough. Their service saved me so much time and effort.”

Peter John


“Although I was extremely skeptical, they proved me wrong and within a month, I had a great job. Would definitely recommend your services!”

Lisa Ray




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    Use intelligent AI tools to improve your resume

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    Instantly send out your resume to over 175 job boards

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